Rock Bottom - Book Download


Decorated military veteran Guy Derek returns home after serving ‘extended’ tours in Afghanistan only to find that his wife has left him, his house is foreclosed and she gave away his dog. Reacting rather poorly to the situation he begins to drink…and he drinks a lot, spiraling downward until he finally hits rock bottom and ends up living on the streets of Las Vegas. In an effort to regain his life, Guy becomes the Robin Hood of the homeless finding out that pain plus time equals funny and eventually finds his way back with humor.



What a great story, that deals with a topic that most people don't know about or choose to ignore. The issue of Veterans returning from overseas and having to deal with life's issues with minimal support is one that the author deals with in a humorous and compassionate way. A great story that leaves you wanting more.


OMG!! This book had me crying, laughing and rooting for the main character, as well as other's in the story. It's a love story. A story of determination. A story of despair. This is a must read on so many different levels. READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!!! You won't be sorry.


This book is serious, yet intriguing. Sheds light on our homeless veterans and their daily struggles. It is however funny and gives you an insight to the author's life. Thank you for the great read.


This was an untold reality that most soldiers returning from combat will face. This book is a very simple but descriptive read which I throughly enjoyed reading from cover to cover.

Rock Bottom - Book Download