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Finding Your Funny is the new book by award-winning comedian, comedy coach and filmmaker Don Barnhart that explores the Art, Science and Business of Stand Up Comedy.  

With a humorous and heartfelt forward by Comedy Legend George Wallace, Finding Your Funny goes beyond Barnhart’s own journey and shares the brutal, often overlooked experience and advice of other comedians, entertainers, managers, agents and bookers.  

The book includes a no holds barred assessment about what clubs, venues and agents are really looking for as well as many of the things you need to do and avoid if you’re looking into making comedy a career.

With over 25 yeas of road experience as a comedian, comedy coach and booker, Don Barnhart’s book offers great for the open mic comic, professional comedian and comedy fan. It includes personal tragedies, anecdotes and stories one can only get from living a life on the road.  

Barnhart, who founded The Las Vegas Comedy Institute where he teaches stand up, improv and comedy writing was inspired to write the book after the success of the documentary on his stand up comedy class, Finding The Funny directed by John Bizarre.

“The book, Finding Your Funny began as an outline for my comedy class”, said Barnhart in a recent phone interview where was performing overseas for the troops.  

Some of the topics covered in Finding Your Funny are: Can You Teach Funny?, The 'High' Cost of Fame, Getting Booked, Hurdles and Pitfalls, The Truth About Managers, Agents and Other Oddities, The Joke Police and When To Throw In The Towel.

Barnhart added, “I tried to answer all the questions I wish I had when I was first starting out. I wanted to give a variety of opinions as there is no one, hard set rule but there are some guidelines to success.”




This is a no nonsence book that lets you look into your own life that makes things are legitimately funny. I have followed Don Barnhart for years and it really is wonderful that you don't have to be a potty mouth to be a comic. Don shows that shock value and profanity is not the bridge to being a good comic. The book helps you find what is humorous in your self and how to convey that humor to others. Not only has this helped me transformed me in a budding stand up comic, but it has helped me improve my improvisational skills. It won't turn you into the next big headliner overnight, but it will help you to find your place and to use your unique personality to break the mold of trying to be like every other comic out there and to use you own experiences and personality that can make you stand out among the rest.


After years of doing comedy, this book really inspired me to kick into the next gear. The advice and quotes from the legends in the business is invaluable in itself. This is a must read for those new to stand up, thinking, thinking about a career in stand up, or a veteran that needs a tune up.


This book is filled with knowledge and wisdom that many comedians starting out and those who have been in the game need. You will find in this game not as many people are willing to share as much of what they know with you as you think they will. When you find yourself in this situation, this book is the help you need!


I recommend is Don Barnhart's "Finding Your Funny". I enjoyed his 'no nonsense' approach to writing and developing your comedic voice. The man nails it on so many topics while also making it an entertaining book to read. If I had to start my comedy career all over again...this would be the first book that I would purchase...and I've read a lot of comedy based books!

Finding Your Funny - Book Download