A gripping look into the underground world of human trafficking inspired by current events. China Dolls shows the many sides of the trade of humans as property. Born into the life, Jerri and Marie make a break for freedom but the mob boss will do anything to get them back. In an all or nothing attempt at escaping their live of slavery, China Dolls is an intense thrill ride and is highly recommended. 4 Stars Aditude Film Reviews


Ripped out of today's headlines and inspired by true events, China Dolls is a gripping look into the world of human trafficking.Shot on location in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the island of Kauai, this independent film is getting great reviews.


Written, directed by award winning comedian Don Barnhart Jr. Starring Linda Vu, Don Barnhart Jr. and Don Turner. Produced by Don Barnhart Entertainment.

China Dolls - DVD

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